Valentine's Day Menu 2023

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Valentine's Day Party on Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Valentine's Day Menu

220 € per person

This menu includes:
Amuse bouche + 3 Starters + Fish + Meat + Pre Dessert + Dessert


First starter
Carpaccio of scallops
cauliflower and passion fruit,
with caviar

Second starter
Terrine of foie gras with sauternes
clementine and cocoa juice, home made brioche

Starter 3
Sweetbread and prawn mousse,
grey shrimp consommé

Steamed pollock,
Pontoise cabbage and spinach, anchovy butter

Roasted simmental beef tenderloin,
leekand turnip kabu,
black truffle juice

Grapefruit and bergamot jelly
Hisbiscus emulsion, yogurt ice cream

Hot chocolate crunchy cabbage,
vanilla ice cream

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