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Chef Tetsuya YOSHIDA
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Gastronomic Restaurant in Paris in a zen atmosphere

The elegance of gastronomy blossoms in all its splendor at the Sphère restaurant. Located in the 8th arrondissement, our restaurant welcomes you for an unforgettable gastronomic dinner. Our Parisian gourmet restaurant, acclaimed by the Paris press, takes you on a culinary journey focused on the exploration of the senses. A relentless quest for gustatory excellence awaits you in our restaurant.

When you visit our establishment, get ready to discover an extraordinary culinary universe. Thanks to the imagination and expertise of chef Tetsuya YOSHIDA, the term "gourmet dining" takes on a whole new dimension.

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French gastronomy with exceptional products

Divinely prepared dishes to tantalize your taste buds.

Image of the gourmet restaurant in Paris
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There are moments when we dream of an experience that only the greatest chefs have the secret to. Moments that take us on a voyage of discovery. The Sphère restaurant is one of those establishments that know how to magnify the products of land and sea in a symphony of flavors.

But is it possible to create a work of art on a plate? This is the passion and expertise of chef Tetsuya YOSHIDA, who defines his recipes as a cuisine that awakens the senses and explores the imagination. An experience we recommend you try, to discover unique flavors.

With this gustatory journey, your experience will be unforgettable. The whole team is waiting for you, whatever
menu you choose for the whole table, to spend a memorable moment.

On the program: amuse-bouche, starter(s), fish,
meat, dessert, even a pre-dessert. Enough to make your evening magical and enchanting.

La Carte

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4 Steps (for the entire table) 79 €

Amuse-bouche, starter, fish, meat, dessert.

6 Steps (for entire table) 98 €

Amuse-bouche, 2 starters, fish, meat, pre-dessert, dessert.

Prestige (for the entire table) 128 €

Amuse-bouche, 3 starters, langoustines, meat, pre-dessert, dessert.

A gourmet restaurant in Paris in an elegant setting

The restaurant's setting offers all the ingredients for a successful gastronomic evening.
Every detail is designed to delight the senses. Smooth flavors, delicate textures, meticulous presentation and a Zen decor invite you to escape. A gastronomic meal at Sphère in Paris is a ballet of sensations, an enchanted interlude that awakens the palate and delights the soul.

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Whether you're meeting with friends, a couple or the whole family, every element is designed to allow you to discover flavors with noble products such as blue lobster, foie gras, monkfish, extra-tender Simmethal beef, ingredients delicately selected and prepared for the pleasure of your taste buds. The bold combinations have that little something that adds the finishing touch to your gourmet dinner.

Perfect harmony of food and wine

To accompany your tasting menu, you'll be able to sublimate your dishes thanks (among other things) to our wine and food pairing service.

Our sommelier creates a harmonious taste experience, taking you on a journey through the vineyards of the world. He chooses a selection of wines that perfectly match the proposed dish.
Your gastronomic dinner in Paris takes on a whole new dimension.

Restaurant Sphère's wine and food pairing is a dance between the contents
of the glass and the contents of the plate. Every guest will benefit from this perfect combination, which will add the finishing touch to your dinner.

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