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Chef Tetsuya YOSHIDA
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The Paris 8th Gastronomic Restaurant Experience


Gourmet, Creative, Aesthetic


Among the best restaurants in Paris Chics et Gastro


A trendy culinary voyage not to be missed


The experience of a Michelin-starred chef

Restaurant Paris Sphere, the chic that's the capital.

Welcome to Sphère, a Gastronomic Jewel in the heart of Paris, immersing you in a unique atmosphere.

Located in the prestigious Miromesnil district, in Paris' 8th arrondissement, the Sphère restaurant offers an unrivalled culinary experience in a refined, warm setting.

Sphère embodies the excellence of Parisian gastronomy, offering innovative cuisine created by renowned chef Tetsuya Yoshida.

Discover a place where every detail has been carefully thought out to awaken your senses and enrich your dining experience.

The center of the room

18, rue la Boetie, 75008 Paris

Tel: 01 44 90 02 95

Open Tuesday to Sunday: 12:00-14:30 and 19:00-22h:30 (Closed on Mondays)
Valet parking available in the evening on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Cost 20€)

La Carte

At Restaurant Sphère, we invite you to explore our Carte Blanche Menu, served for the entire table, which offers several opportunities according to your tastes and appetite:


4 Steps (for the entire table) 79 €

Amuse-bouche, starter, fish, meat, dessert.

6 Steps (for entire table) 98 €

Amuse-bouche, 2 starters, fish, meat, pre-dessert, dessert.

Prestige (for the entire table) 128 €

Amuse-bouche, 3 starters, langoustines, meat, pre-dessert, dessert.


Wild red tuna 32 €

Red shiso veil, cherries and beans, fresh sesame goat cheese, hazelnut vinaigrette

Cream of pea soup with lemongrass 36 €

Eel and cockles, smoked egg yolk cream, chive oil

Girolles with yellow wine 42 €

poached foie gras with blackcurrant pepper, sherry vinegar caramel, toasted buckwheat


Roasted cod fillet 45 €

artichoke, olive condiment, basil beans, iodized vegetable juice

Saddle of lamb stuffed with apricot 45 €

fine roasted zucchini, dehydrated feta and pine nut condiment, Garrigue herb juice

Blue lobster roasted in butter 65 €

vanilla citrus vinaigrette, sandy carrot mousseline, tagetes leaves


Soft vanilla cookie 17 €

combawa leaf ice cream, raspberry and lychee confit, fresh raspberries and Ribot milk emulsion

Grand Cru chocolate cream 17 €

hazelnut cocoa shortbread, oat crumble with lime and blackberries and textures

Cheese à la carte 17 €

High-flying French cuisine

Chef Tetsuya YOSHIDA

A Virtuoso of Gastronomy

Born in Nagasaki, a cosmopolitan Japanese port city, the new culinary prodigy drew his inspiration from an atypical curriculum.

After studying law, Tetsuya threw himself into his passion for gastronomy and moved to Osaka for 2 years, where he learned the rudiments of cooking.

He continued his apprenticeship at the French bistronomic restaurant Les Enfants Terribles and the Michelin-starred gastronomic restaurant Les Enfants Gâtés (1 star) as second-in-command.

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To perfect his knowledge of French cuisine, he arrived in Paris in 2014, working in the brigade at Esquisse (2 Michelin stars) and then as chef at Les Canailles for 5 years.

Today, Tetsuya will officiate as Chef de cuisine at this new chic gastronomic restaurant.

Delicate cuisine that awakens the senses and explores the imagination, this is how talented chef Tetsuya Yoshida, defines his work.


The SPHERE gourmet restaurant plunges you into a unique atmosphere of luxury and sophistication in Paris intra muros.

Evolving throughout the day, it's the ideal place to sit down, share and exchange while the neighborhood comes alive at lunchtime.

At nightfall, it plunges visitors into a hushed atmosphere for intimate dining
or a romantic moment as a couple.


Each area of the restaurant has its own style and signature:
The central island with its custom-made banquettes and surprising lighting...
or the entrance lounge with its enigmatic dead-end staircase,
or the superb emerald bar illuminated by shiny spheres.

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